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  1. drive4show

    Winter work at my club

    The head greenkeeper has got his hands on a drone and put this together showing the winter works. Lots been going on during this current lockdown.
  2. drive4show

    Trilby tour gone bust?

    I'm hearing rumours that this event has folded but can't find anything online. The website is down though so maybe it's true. If so, will it be missed?
  3. drive4show

    WHS - Did you go up or down?

    I know it's a bit late but just wondering the split between those people whose handicaps went up, down or stayed the same when we switched to the new system? Mine came down 1.8, is this typical?
  4. drive4show

    Golfing milestones you would like to achieve?

    Following on from the other milestones thread, which ones would you like to achieve? 2 for me, get a hole in one and play all of the GB&I top 100 courses.
  5. drive4show

    Complete the next line........

    Saturday morning, not a cloud in the sky. Wife has gone shopping, all day to myself. Next line please 👍
  6. drive4show

    Angry golfer

    Are you an angry golfer or do you just shrug your shoulders and hit the next shot?
  7. drive4show

    Thumbs up

    I've noticed a few players in Abu Dhabi giving a thumbs up when making a mess of a shot following on from the video released earlier this week. Guess this will catch on with club golfers?
  8. drive4show

    Hole in one poll

    Just curious to find out what percentage of people have had an ace. Nearly 50 years of trying but still waiting for my first. If you've had one (or more!) please feel free to recount it :)
  9. drive4show

    Open weeks and/or multi day opens

    Folks can anyone recommend any good multi day open events please? I know about the Eden and Tassie both not an option this year. Looking for some that are run by clubs rather than companies looking to make a profit. TIA
  10. drive4show

    Top three (3!!!) courses on your hitlist for 2021

    No massive lists please, just the top 3 courses you are planning /hoping to play this year. For me it's the new course at Rosapenna, Portrush and Adare Manor.
  11. drive4show

    End of year report

    Well it's certainly been a strange year and golfing plans and ambitions went out the window. Had to cancel a trip to Ireland twice so haven't played as many new courses as I thought I would and most opens were binned off as well. On the plus side thanks to WHS I had a decent handicap cut. So...
  12. drive4show

    Anyone deal in stocks and shares online?

    Does anyone do a bit of dabbling in stocks and shares online? I have recently started investing a small amount of money using one of the online platforms but trying to understand some of the terminology and concepts can be a little confusing. If anyone else does this would you be interested in...
  13. drive4show

    Driving songs

    I'm compiling a play list of great 'driving' songs for the car. Must be good rockin' tunes, any era from 60's onwards. Think Creedence right up to the likes of Killers etc. Your suggestions please you fine gentlemen of impeccable taste :)
  14. drive4show

    Marker pens

    I have recently been marking a line on my ball to assist with putting but find that the line often gets smudged after the ball has been hit a few times, I find this really annoying. I've used Sharpies and tried other (cheap) brands as well. Can anyone recommend a brand of marker pen that doesn't...
  15. drive4show

    Cars over £40k

    Does anyone know if there is an online database that shows the cost of new cars? I'm looking at changing my car and will be buying 2nd hand but don't want to go over the £40k new price as it incurs the much higher annual road tax. A couple of the models I'm considering could easily break that...
  16. drive4show

    FS Titleist 915D2 Driver 8.5 degrees

    Selling the above, fitted with a Graphite Design DI6 stiff shaft (£175 upgrade), Align multicompound grip set to any '3' position on the Surefit system. There are a couple of small bag rub marks on the shaft which I have tried to show in the pictures. Don't have the original headcover (never...
  17. drive4show

    Bag rub tip

    Over the years I've had some quite serious rub marks on various graphite shafts. Today I went to the local fabric shop and bought a quarter of a metre (min amount) of a furry velour type material for £2.25 and a can of contact adhesive for £2.99. Cut out the right size, glued it on, job done...
  18. drive4show

    What is the next course you are playing?

    I'm off to Wales next week, popping in to Southerndown for a game on the way past. Never played it before but heard good things.
  19. drive4show

    White trousers

    Why is it that every time someone turns up wearing white trousers people think either a) This guy must be good or b) knob ?
  20. drive4show

    Ebay - how bizarre

    I sold a putter on evilbay last night, advertised with a buy it now price of £125. 10 minutes before the ending time, someone bid £124. Then bidding continued, finished up selling for £139. Gotta love the fact the world is full of idiots :D