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    Membership Rebate

    Zip at my new place joined in NOV had 1 month's golf, subs for 2021 go up £10 as per mailer last week. luckily it's not super expensive per month so the initial 5 months only cost £350. Money not the issue or the club
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    Ban for Justin Thomas?

    People need to get over spur of the moment comments caught on camera. If we haven't learnt a hard lesson the last year this means zip. it's all bad news reported, time to smile and let things go.
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Covid petrol MPG £10 last 4 weeks - no saving on electric at current usage. I do miss my ZOE 22kw and the 70 mile winter range :-) drive 15 miles to golf club use Best Western charger return to full tank (y) pre heating was OK till the subscription runs out then it's 100% not worth the...
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    2020, what’s your highlight

    20kms in 2019 to 567 in 2020 Lockdown has it's ups for me. golf will follow in 2021 project 4 or below.
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Wifes Yaris hybrid does 55mpg on the dashboard computer, battery hardly gets used unless in traffic. Plug in's I've tried the volvo diesel plug in 3 years old with 40k battery lasts for 20 miles and MPG was 45 Outlander 4 years old 50k again 20 miles if lucky and mileage the same. :cry: My...
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    And you still have your licence :-) crazy fast absolute stunning car, wish I did the mileage to warrant 40k+ TM3 so smooth. enjoy pal
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    Winning or learning stolen from Chemy Alcott, Sunday the season of giving was replaced with...

    Winning or learning stolen from Chemy Alcott, Sunday the season of giving was replaced with receiving. 59.8 #WinnersWin
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    Dryish Course in the Midlands

    North Warwickshire in Meriden, Solihull, I'm a member and it's like playing in August still based on a quarry. downside members only as 70 joined in December and fresh waiting list to get in. so busy busy (one wet green in a low point 7, yet to wash my waterproofs since October STUNNED! worth a...
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    End of year report

    This year has had one massive positive, learning the under standing of the art #Chipping via Padraig's youtube's advice. I've been as low as 3.4 and never truly understood the art or concept. low point and use the bounce. then it clicked and 2021 should be a breeze with a short game and I mean...
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    Tier 4 - that's golf out for a while!

    common sense hasn't hit Wales this time round, parks are busier than golf courses and at least your spaced out on the course over a park. one day they might get it right. chin up pal
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    Will you resign your membership to be a nomad with an official handicap?

    I'm guessing the next move to stop everyone being a nomad is entry with club handicap only. too many handicap cheats already to let this happen all over again. or a minimum 20 rounds a year to stop it happening.
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    Has Game Golf finally died?

    Another back on the TaylorMade app, I'm using my samsung galaxy active watch for clubs and gps position. enough info and FREE. saved me wasting my cash on a new device enough info to work with.
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    North Warwickshire GC 2020

    North Warwickshire GC 2020
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    2nd knock since lockdown ended, we had the BEAT THE PRO event for the retiring PRO at our club. was nice to be in the same group has him and the club champ this year. Need another month off as we took the title with 47pts pairs stableford. +3 myself and could have been 50+ points if the putter...
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    Shotscope V3 anyone got a presale discount link? Really disappointed in my Garmin so want to send it back and get on these.

    Another good read, toying with a purchase but it seems very hit and miss, reading on a lot of miss shots and after round adjustment. A lot like the game golf system I previously had, maybe look 2nd hand bargains over new on this one.
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    Vintage Golf

    Mentors look a lot like my PB9 ORKA's in style, I wonder if you had a new graphite shaft fitted to some if they perform better? 30 years on shafts must be ahead of the game. My MacLeonard irons are old style lofts over super de-lofted stuff that's made today :-) I reckon I'd be OK with old...
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    Golf after lockdown 2

    1 more sleep till golf BOOM !!!!!! As said shame the weather is turning cold and wet :-( after all this glorious lockdown 2 mild stuff. time to clean my bats and get my kit ready IT'S CHRISTMAS everyone :love: golf Christmas
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Pal you have your figures sorted and a use for it, I'd love to be doing 20k plus a year but at less than 4k even my leased battery ZOE had to go as pence per mile it didn't work for me over petrol. and the London charges are another saving again worth the investment not to pay the government to...
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Miles per years allowance? or unlimited miles ? I love lekky but still can't get my head around paying £275 a month for any car unless your doing 20k a year + and have some sort of BIK
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    Top 10 excuses...

    Never have an excuses other than being plain sh£$%