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    Proquip gone?

    I was looking for some windproof gear and someone recommended a Proquip top, I still use one of their waterproofs and its excellent, so I tried to look at their website, but it seems to be down. Does anyone know if they are still in business?
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    Windproof top

    does anyone have a recommendation for a nice warm windstopper top, prefer a 1/4 zip.
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    online lessons - any recommendations

    I'm trying to get to single figures and need some help with my irons. I live in Munich and whilst there are a couple of good coaches they are very expensive and difficult to book a slot with, so I was thinking about some online coaching, does anyone have any experience with online lessons...
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    looking for a new stand bag

    I'm looking for a new stand bag as my old callaway bag has fallen to bits. I'm just looking for a good quality stand bag, ideally waterproof which doesnt look like it's made from plastic bags. Most of the bags I've seen seem to be pretty flimsy compared to my old bag. Can anyone recommend a...