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  1. IM01

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    Kirkland signature from Costco, not much more than £1 a ball Only tried one but for me played the same as a Pro V. Much better then a Vice.
  2. IM01

    I bought today.....

    Taylormade Sim rescue & 3 wood
  3. IM01

    Lower your expectations PLEASE!

    Furlough while available will surely be utilised by the majority of courses until revenue streams (clubhouse/greenfee) can return.
  4. IM01

    New Drivers 2020

    I am that idiot. Agree you need to like the look standing over the ball but if you don’t have the right shaft you’ve wasted your money.
  5. IM01

    From mid handicap to scratch.

    Long game - find a consistent shot/know your miss you can recover from the odd bogey but higher numbers hurt. Short game - needs to be sharp especially round the greens, up and downs are a must most of the time. How you achieve this is personal preference, playing or practicing but either way...
  6. IM01

    Toughest course?

    Had a tough day round here, shelled 6 eggs on the front 9 - fairway or lost. Could have been the previous night out in PB 😂 but them fairways were tight.
  7. IM01


    Garmin G6 approach... wasn’t charging up so recently replaced the battery after seeing the prices 😳 of replacing. £12 well spent 👍 Had a Skycaddie before that but the yearly charge forced the change.
  8. IM01

    Rolling 5 year HC

    Impressive stats... how many tweaks to the bag set up?
  9. IM01

    Recommendations near Edinburgh

    Gullane 2 & 3... 36 holes on a Saturday £77 No.2 is almost as good as No.1 and 3 is par a lot shorter but great fun.