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    Hi, I have a couple of questions about gloves. A) How long should they last? How many rounds and/or range sessions do you expect to get out of a single glove? B) Does the wear pattern tell you something which you might be doing wrong? Or if it is the wrong size? I have used the one in the...
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    Toptracer 9 shot challenge

    Ok, who is the top shot in this forum? Definitively not me, but hitting 6 out of 9 greens is a miracle for me. 502 points, which includes 1 shank that didn’t challenge anything in the proximity of the green.
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    Fence repair

    Hi, does anyone know how much it would cost to repair or replace a fence? Our front of house boundary fence got wobbly over the last few weeks and it is now close to breaking. We think we definitively need to replace the posts. We are talking about a panel (?) fence of 105 cm hight, and about 4...
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    Is your course intuitive?

    I checked out a new course today, local to me, 9 hole of a club which also has an 18 hole course. It's only the 3rd different course I am playing and while I liked it I made a bit of a mess of it. 1st hole was fairly easy, just out of the club house onto the tee, and 300something yards down in...
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    Restarting lessons

    I took a bit of a break since August as we moved house, and to that point my game had deteriorated to topping more or less every shot. The new place is in driving distance to Silvermere, so earlier this week I took the plunge again and topped a bucket into the range. The shot tracer really only...
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    Flight Compensation?

    Hi, I am stuck in Germany after Ryanair is letting us down big time. I have a couple of questions, and maybe someone knows. Google is popping up a lot of pages that look like to win no fee rubbish. We are flying with 2 grown ups and a just under 2 year old toddler. a) On the flight out we...
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    Internet Service Providers

    Hi, We are moving into a new house (new to us) this week and I am trying to find out what best to use as internet service providers. We are currently on Virgin Media, and I cancelled them to give us options when we move. I really want BT sports, so BT seems to be in the pole position, but...
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    playing out of rough

    My current nemesis is playing it out of rough. If I am between 30 and 50 yards away I am happy to play a half swing SW or PW into the green. If it is further I am giving the PW a little more whack, getting it closer. Where I am struggling is when I am in the rough next to the green, for...
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    Watching Golf

    Hi, As a beginner golfer I am toying wit the idea of actually watching some proper golf. Living in West London we aren't that far away from Wentworth (actually living at the Waterloo-Addlestone line), and the BMW PGA Championships are there over the Easter Weekend. Do people think it is worth...
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    Just booked our 1st tee time

    Hi everyone, A few month ago my girlfriend and I took a weekend starter course, and we have been to the range plenty since. We finally took the plunge and booked a time for Sunday, the pro giving our group course said that we are more than ready to go out and play. Well, while we can swing a...