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    Dunaverty Golf Club - Hypocrisy or are they correct?

    There is an on going discussion on the Golf Courses of Scotland Facebook page about this post from Dunaverty Golf Club, with various opinions being discussed. Just wondering what forum members thoughts are on this? My opinion is parking on fairway a no-no but sledging on the course I have no...
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    Winter Golf Trousers

    Hi folks Looking to purchase a pair of winter golf trousers and looking for some recommendations, nothing too expensive looking to spend up to £80. Cheers
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    Odyssey stroke lab putter grip - Replacement

    Hi folks, I have a Stroke lab #7 s putter and was thinking of changing the grip (just not happy with oversized grip). Will any standard putter grip be ok to use or is there a specific weight of grip I need to use? Cheers.
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    Rule of Six

    Does the Scottish government's "Rule of Six" mean that threeballs and fourballs are now unlawful? Or am I just talking nonsense :LOL::LOL:
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    Is an AM-AM allowed under current Scottish Golf rules

    Hi folks As the heading says, is an AM-AM, which is open to visitors, allowed under the current Scottish Golf rules for open competitions? Thanks.