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  1. Kellfire

    Mark Forums Read

    I might just be being as blind as a badger but has the Mark Forums Read button disappeared completely or just been rehomed? It no longer shows for me at the bottom of the forums list. Currently reading on an iPhone.
  2. Kellfire

    Major incident in Glasgow

    Initial reports suggesting multiple stabbings and the perpetrator now shot dead by police.
  3. Kellfire

    Minneapolis right now.

    How can they call themselves the land of the free when they’re using their own police and National Guard to terrorise their own civilians? This thread has many videos showing the brutality being enacted on the people right now and of course we’ve had Trump say that it’s basically terrorism to...
  4. Kellfire

    Would you pierce your child’s ears?

    Simple question that I raise because I heard a screaming match yesterday from a child who was having it done against her will. She’d had one done and hated it so her mum took her next door to the hairdresser she knew where I was getting a cut at the time to calm down before having the next one...
  5. Kellfire

    Logging in

    Morning all, Tried to log in on my phone last night and it said my account was currently locked because of failed log in attempts. Has anyone else had this problem, indicating that bots are trying to get into accounts, or has someone targeted little old me specifically? Can admin see the...
  6. Kellfire

    Learn to male them ad

    This ad obscures half the screen for me on iPhone and has made typing this thread very difficult. :(
  7. Kellfire

    Forum speed

    Hi, Just noticed that as the forum is more and more burdened with invasive advertising, the loading times have left the forum with the feel of the internet in the era of 56k dial up. Forums are code light and should load without a noticeable pause on modern connections but that isn't the case...
  8. Kellfire

    Forum cuts off sound on phone

    When I’m listening to music or podcasts on my phone whilst reading the forum, there is some weird embedded sound files or something that cause my audio to stop on my phone... Is there anyway that could be removed? Ta.
  9. Kellfire

    How hard can you hit a golf ball?

    This popped up on my YouTube feed and I thought it might interest some of you.
  10. Kellfire

    Shooting in Utrecht

    Breaking news of a mass shooting on a tram in Utrecht.
  11. Kellfire


    Let’s see if we can keep this thread vaguely civil... ha! I get called a troll a lot. For those who don’t know a troll is someone who posts to get a reaction and will generally not be giving their true opinion or are greatly exaggerating it. I am honestly NOT a troll. I see most...
  12. Kellfire

    Free pint of Punk IPA You’re welcome, folks. Just find your local BrewDog and enjoy a freebie on them. While you’re there, try some of the other delightful treats they have on tap or in the fridge. xo
  13. Kellfire

    Attacks in London

    Early days with fragmented news coming in but seems like Parliament has been locked down and Theresa May evacuated. A police office has been stabbed and the assailant shot. News constantly coming in...
  14. Kellfire

    Myths, etiquette and other assorted "fun".

    Played a match yesterday, 4BBB, when my partner pulls his tee shot left into the trees on the par 3 4th hole. He announces he won't bother looking for it because I was on the green. One of our opponents is in the trees searching for his own ball and finds my partners' within the five minutes...
  15. Kellfire

    York area - tomorrow, Sunday 8/5/2016

    Anyone playing in the York area tomorrow? Not sure if I can find a game and desperate to play. Have clubs will travel.
  16. Kellfire

    Craft beer and real ale drinkers

    Is anyone else out there a craft beer or real ale enthusiast? It's something I've gotten into over the past couple of years and have been blown away by the different styles of beers that are out there. For years I thought I hated beer just because I hate the generic swill like Carlsberg...
  17. Kellfire

    Making a round qualifying...

    Should a week long summer league (therefore with changing flags, tees and weather conditions) be qualifying for handicap?
  18. Kellfire

    DQ for not following club rule

    Can a club DQ a competitor from a competition for not following a rule they have put in place to monitor certain behaviour, for example the completion time of a round? I'm assuming they can but the card will still count for handicapping purposes. Thanks
  19. Kellfire

    New Iron woes.

    Just typed loads only for the board to crash -argh! So here's the truncated version... Just upgraded irons from Cobra S2Max to Titleist AP1. Was fitted for them, came out the best for distance and dispersion though the GC2/HMT must've been faulty because the spin was 2000 on a 7i! I've always...
  20. Kellfire

    Two quick questions...

    I play up to a par 3 and I'm just in the fringe. My pitch mark lies directly between myself and the hole. I know I can't repair it. However playing partner plays up and is directly behind me. Can he repair my pitch mark to play? If so, must I recreate it before I play? Second question...