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  1. CliveW

    iTunes and iPod

    I was given a couple of CDs for Christmas and have been trying to download them to my iPod, however I don't seem to be able to log on to my iTunes and when I connect my iPod to my desktop it isn't recognised. Any ideas?
  2. CliveW

    Wine With Turkey Dinner.

    Being a lover of Malbec with our steaks on a Friday night, I was wondering whether to have red or white with our turkey dinner this Friday and looking for any recommendations.
  3. CliveW

    Scottish Golf App

    Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the General Play Score with this app? If I log in and tap the HCI tab on my app, (which is red and not blue as shown in the "HowTo" demo) it takes me to the "My Handicap" section of the app but not the "General Play Score" section. I have...
  4. CliveW

    Brrr... Frosty Mornings

    First frost delay of the Autumn this morning at Blairgowrie, due to minus three degrees. I'll need to look out the woolly hat!
  5. CliveW

    New Course Opens

    Following on from the 'Any Clubs Closed' thread, a new course has just opened in Fife. Dumbarnie Links has just announced it is now open for play. £235 a round (Or £115 if resident in Scotland) puts it up in a league with Kingsbarns pricewise. It looks magnificent but it will be interesting to...
  6. CliveW

    Course Condition After Lockdown

    Today we received an interesting report from BIGGA and the R&A. Worth a read.
  7. CliveW

    Golf on TV

    Live golf on SkySp Golf tonight. McIlroy & DJ v Fowler & Wolff in a skins game to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts.
  8. CliveW

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Following on from my previous thread that was locked, I have heard a rumour from a fairly reliable source that Nicola will be letting us out to play from the 25th May. Let's hope it's true this time and not another false alarm.
  9. CliveW

    Spotted On The First Tee...

    This was the scene on the first tee today after the lockdown...
  10. CliveW

    How The Scots do It...

  11. CliveW

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Well, according to Nicola, it looks like it will be a few more weeks before we get back out on the course North of the border. 😭
  12. CliveW

    SkyCaddie Subscription

    Just as a thought I asked Sky Golf if I would be entitled to a refund or discount on my next subscription as I can't use my SkyCaddie at present. Funnily enough, the reply was "No". :(
  13. CliveW

    Essential Services

    Well it's nice to see that the sun is out and the traffic police are sitting on flyovers on the A90, flaunting the 2 metre rule, whilst the roads are probably the quietest ever, and trying to catch speeding motorists. These are part of the "Essential Services" that we are expected to respect and...
  14. CliveW

    Sky Sports Package

    For those with Sky Sports you can cancel your package whilst the Corona Virus affects current sports. Visit Sky on line for details.
  15. CliveW

    Travelling to Turkey

    For those travelling to Turkey, from March 2nd, Turkey has announced they will no longer require travellers from the UK to apply for a visa allowing entry for up to 90 days per 180 day period. (This is rather unfortunate as I applied and paid for mine last week for my trip in April.)
  16. CliveW

    Raking Bunkers, Aaargh!!!

    I played today at what I would consider a decent course and this is how I found quite a few bunkers... ... are some folk just too lazy to rake? It would appear to have been just one person (or group) as I have never seen so many like this in a single round.
  17. CliveW


    Scottish Golf has teamed up with Visit Scotland and The Renaissance Club to offer all members of Scottish Golf affiliated clubs an exclusive opportunity to take advantage of preferential green fee rates this winter at The Renaissance Club. The offer is £280 per four-ball and a minimum of one...
  18. CliveW


    A bit of a disappointment at The Kings today. Course closed due to snow!
  19. CliveW

    National Take Your Child To work Day

    The Queen joins National Take Your Child to Work Day 3 Hours Ago FACEBOOK PREV ARTICLE Excited Prince Charles joins mum at work (Photo: Getty pool) The Queen has joined in with National Take Your Child to Work Day, it has emerged. Her Majesty, 93, took an excited young Charles to the office...
  20. CliveW

    "Home, Home on The Range..."

    ... "where the deer and the antelope roam." Spotted on the range this afternoon. Lovely to see.