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  1. Wildrover

    Macintyre Tee Marker Issue

    Interesting scenario on 18th in Dubai today where a sprinkler was preventing Robert Macintyre from teeing up where he wanted to and was legally allowed too. This became an issue for me last year at my own club. I'm right handed and play with a draw, my club got new hole boards [you know hole...
  2. Wildrover

    Marcus Armitage Vodcast

    Watching the Vodcast by Marcus Armitage on Sky, fair to say he is not the typical European Tour Pro. Battled on mini tours and overcome adversity to get on tour. Never seen anybody so happy to qualify for The Open when he had a great finish in the SA Open earlier in the year, I hope it transfers...
  3. Wildrover

    Looking for recommendations

    Looking to play in mid December at a course in the West Midlands/Derbyshire area, can anyone recommend any decent tracks that are reasonably dry in winter please?
  4. Wildrover

    Hire car damage.

    Currently on holiday in Florida and had a bump in the hire car, nothing major, few scrapes on rear passenger door & wheel arch. Has anybody any experience as to what might happen on return? They took 250 dollars on my credit card which I assume will now not be refunded? Thanks.
  5. Wildrover

    Golf, more boring than Darts????

    Have you seen the You Gov poll on the GM website? Now of course I realise that golf is not everyone's cup of tea but more boring to watch than American Football, Darts, Swimming & Rubgy Union? I bet they weren't...
  6. Wildrover

    Winter Leagues

    My golf club has never run a winter league before but have said they are starting one in the new year, which is largely welcomed by the members who carry on playing in winter. What I'm not sure about though is that they have said they will, where possible, be qualifying events. Mainly down to...
  7. Wildrover

    Double standards?

    Just wondering where all the Tyrrell Hatton haters have disappeared too after Jon Rahm's antics today? Much worse imho yet not a peep.
  8. Wildrover

    Unwelcome visitors

    I played in an Open comp at a nearby golf club on Friday, on arrival there was a small group of "travellers" in the car park who we learned had turned up on Thursday night. After we had finished our round they had left, leaving an almighty mess for a one night stop. Yesterday the exact same...
  9. Wildrover

    9 hole courses around Birmingham

    My 11yr old son and I are looking to kill some time next Saturday whilst the Mrs & daughter are at Crufts at the NEC. Can anyone recommend a decent 9 holer in the vicinity please? Was thinking about the short course at The Warwickshire, anybody played it? Thanks
  10. Wildrover

    Golf sixes - Centurion GC

    Sounds interesting, and more top class golf in England.
  11. Wildrover

    Self Assesment

    I've completed my online tax return about a 10 days ago and got all the way through until right at the end it wouldn't let me submit it, saying there was a problem with the system, try again later. I've tried several times since and just get the same message. There is a phone number to ring if...
  12. Wildrover

    Forum Election Poll

    Further to the "Will you vote" thread, lets conduct our own little opinion poll the day before the vote. Who will you put your X next too tomorrow?
  13. Wildrover

    The Yorkshire Masters???

    Really hope this happens, would make a stunning clubhouse...
  14. Wildrover

    Annoying TM Advert

    I have to say I would never be in the market for any TM club but if I was, the annoying advert for this week's latest TM driver, that probably is covering this post round about now, would defo put me off. :angry:
  15. Wildrover

    The Open on Sky - It's official No more Peter :angry:
  16. Wildrover

    Another tournament in England

    Well, as rumoured, the Volvo World Matchplay is back in England in October. :thup:
  17. Wildrover

    Henrik Stenson set for an unusual record?

    We all know that Henrik Stenson has had a great run in the second half of the season and been on leaderboards most weeks since the Scottish Open. But, his only wins have come in America where he deservedly won the FedEx Cup. If things stay as they are now and he doesn't win this week or the next...
  18. Wildrover

    Good deal from Skycaddie

    Bought a Skycaddie Aire at the weekend, it's from their sport range and just gives yardages to front, middle and back. Best thing about it though is it comes preloaded with 30000 courses and no subscription charges for the life of the product. The no subscription offer is available to the end of...
  19. Wildrover

    Forward Thinking from the PGA of America

    Have to say I applaud this idea from the PGA of America:clap:, holding the USPGA around the world would be a great thing for golf and also increase the standing of the 4th major. Maybe South Africa, Australia, Japan or Korea? Any thoughts...
  20. Wildrover

    Forum usage problem - anyone else?

    I'm currently having a problem with the forum, when I try to go back, it won't let me so I drop down the back button to select where I want to go back too and there is a long list of the same page that I haven't visited that won't let me select anything either. Not having issues when on any...