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  1. Wildrover

    South Yorkshire Golf

    I'm from Doncaster originally and I can confirm that Rotherham is superb. Great condition, elevation changes and a fantastic clubhouse. Never played Hillsborough but can recommend Hallamshire. Not strictly South Yorks but in nearby Worksop you have Worksop GC (home of Lee Westwood) and...
  2. Wildrover

    Boris will let us play golf on March 29

    You can meet someone outside for recreation from 8th March but still can't play golf in a 2 ball. Words fail me.
  3. Wildrover

    What has been the "best" car you owned?

    My Skoda Fabia VRS (the old 1.9 turbo diesel one). It went like stink, did 60mpg without even trying. Put about 60k miles on it in 3 years and only had to replace a headlight bulb.
  4. Wildrover

    Hunter Mahan at Pebble

    People seem to think his game went after Celtic Manor but he won WGC and FedEx playoff events well after that, he was part of the US Team in 2014.
  5. Wildrover

    Macintyre Tee Marker Issue

    I realise this, so why put the hole board right next to the tee meaning everyone has to tee off from the exact same point meaning that area gets badly worn?
  6. Wildrover

    Macintyre Tee Marker Issue

    Interesting scenario on 18th in Dubai today where a sprinkler was preventing Robert Macintyre from teeing up where he wanted to and was legally allowed too. This became an issue for me last year at my own club. I'm right handed and play with a draw, my club got new hole boards [you know hole...
  7. Wildrover

    Driver adjustment, when would you change.

    Was it just the weight that was moved or was loft added as well? If loft was added and you're now hitting it straighter, dial the loft back down to whatever the clubs standard is but leave the weight where it is and see how that goes.
  8. Wildrover

    Found a polo shirt in the back of the wardrobe ...

    Just spat my coffee out😂
  9. Wildrover

    No golf again!

    Sorry but I can't agree with this. Yes we all know that golf in 2 balls is the very definition of what the government say is acceptable and is safe. However, golf is already flourishing as a sport because it is Covid safe and one of the few things people have been able to do through the...
  10. Wildrover

    Unpopular golfing opinions

    18 handicappers who bang on about the feel of forged clubs should be made to hand them in and told never to darken the doors of a golf course again. Putting with the shaft up the arm like Deshambles & Kuchar should be banned. Handicaps should be a max of 36.
  11. Wildrover

    New lockdown will courses close?

    How many mass outbreaks have there been at schools, universities and factories? All staying open. How many have there been at golf clubs? Closed. I'm all for following the rules of lockdown and think they are doing the right thing [eventually], but this is where they lose public support when...
  12. Wildrover

    Swing weight

    As I said, losing 1/2g from the butt end will hardly effect sw, but the subsequent loss of an inch in length will make the club sw significantly lighter, weight will need to be added to the head to get it back to where it was.
  13. Wildrover

    Swing weight

    This is correct but also wrong. Cutting an inch off the end of the club will alter the weight, or mass, of the club very little. However, swingweight will definitely be impacted and will be considerably lighter. Reducing weight at the butt end through a lighter grip will have an effect but it...
  14. Wildrover

    Changing driver shaft adapter

    It can be done, you need to heat the adaptor /shaft tip gently, best done with a heat gun rather than an open flame like a blow torch. When the epoxy melts the adaptor will slide off. Clean the tip up with sandpaper and drill out any epoxy on the inside of the shaft (will create an air lock if...
  15. Wildrover

    Adidas golf hoddie

    Personally I'm not a fan but wouldn't choke on my lunch if I saw someone wearing one. Just don't see the point on the golf course, people I've seen wearing waterproofs with hoods just flap about in the breeze and annoy them as you can't play with a hood up.
  16. Wildrover

    Ping dot system

    The static fit using the chart is the starting point of your fitting, you then do the dynamic part of the lie fitting by hitting off the impact board as it is where you are at impact that matters.
  17. Wildrover

    Swing speed / Carry question

    Depends on so much more than swing speed. Attack angle, club path and face to path will all impact on launch angle, ball speed and spin rates. You would be better looking at what your ball speed is rather than clubhead.
  18. Wildrover

    Angle of attack and dynamic loft

    Check where you are striking the ball on the face of the driver. If your attack angle has shallowed and you are hitting it on the up, you may need to tee the ball a little higher as it sounds like it might be coming off the bottom of the face.
  19. Wildrover

    When does lie angle become negligible?

    Height and wrist to floor measurements give you a starting point but cannot be done on their own, you then must do a dynamic test of the lie to check it as the static measurement does not factor in your swing. Generally the toe of the club sits slightly in the air as the club will flex downwards...
  20. Wildrover

    Live charity golf : rory dj wolff fowler 17th May

    Turned the sound off whilst Trump is on, I'm loving the lack of "get in the hole" and "mashed potato" cretins.