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    North Berwick

    I've posted before about British golfers and UK venues. The Scots/GUI/GIU have it right with local rates etc, but that doesn't help people from England playing the best courses in the UK&Ire. Not saying they should either, but it's hard to justify the sky high rates when you live just over the...
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    What's the best value course here (if any)?

    Royal County Down in April - £100 quid I think. Best there is. :)
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    Played yesterday - course was in stunning condition, best I can remember. Presentation, greens, the lot. Not sure about scoring conditions - we teed off at 2:50 and most of the holes going out were into a pretty strong headwind - flushed a 7iron on the tiny par 3 and it only just made the...
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    Top courses UK

    Have played the Old Course a few times; 3 times via the ballot, the other on the winter package, direct through St Andrews links (Old+Another with requirement to stay at local accommodation). (y)
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    Top courses UK

    What a great dilemma to work through with your mates! A group of us have tried something similar. Our approach has been a bit more ad hoc, and we're guilty of revisiting a few rather than heading to some of the more obscure ones. We're north-east England based, so not much locally. We've done...
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    Wooler GC

    Wooler is 25mins from Goswick. No brainer?
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    What was your first set of irons?

    Mizuno Astrons... £80 quid second hand from a local driving range. Replaced shortly afterwards with some Ben Sayers M2I (free 2 iron... while I struggled to break 95!!) replaced shortly afterwards by my first real set. Taylor Made LCGs, step free shafts, and I was in love. :love:
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    Too short with a driver... compared to other clubs. Cause (and fix!)

    I don't think I get 245 carry.. difficult to tell at the minute as I play links and it's been very windy for the last several weekends! It's either going a long way downwind or ballooning nowhere into! Get the point about iron lofts too. In my OP I'm pretty happy with the distances they're...
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    Too short with a driver... compared to other clubs. Cause (and fix!)

    Not yet, but that's good advice, thanks. My swing speed sits right between both reg/stiff. I'm not getting any younger, so maybe it's time to try a regular. (y)
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    Too short with a driver... compared to other clubs. Cause (and fix!)

    Thanks so much for the reply... my mistake.. out to in. Great spot.
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    Too short with a driver... compared to other clubs. Cause (and fix!)

    Am hoping to get booked in for a lesson when the nights lighten up a bit, maybe nearer to Easter. There's nowhere doing lessons by the time I finish work. At the min, I only get chance to golf once a week, which is when I play in the comp. Hence the post looking for any quick fixes till then...
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    Too short with a driver... compared to other clubs. Cause (and fix!)

    The 'Small tweak has added 25 yards' has motivated me to post. I know this isn't the WRX forum, so I don't mind posting the distances I hit it on here... I'm aware it's not as far as many others hit it. My SS is around 98-100mph. Wedge goes about 115, 7I about 150/155, and 4 iron about 180. I'm...
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    Ganton golf club.

    Love it. Understated, unfussy, top, top quality golf. Most of it looks like I guess it did 70 or 80 years ago! Have watched their twitter feed over winter and the work they're doing looks fantastic. Agree with the Muirfield/clubhouse vibe. Can only talk positively about the people we've...
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    Druids Glenn

    Have played the European Club just south of Dublin... top class! Stayed 10 mins away at Arklow Bay Conf/Spa. Can't comment on the spa facilities as we didn't use them, but the Guinness was good, as was the food. Was basically in and out each day to play golf. Hard to find many golf courses...