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    Identifying A Ball When I’d rather not

    The question mentioned "opponent", signifying match play. As you know, Rule 3.2d(4) says that in match play, a player may act on a breach by his opponent, or choose to ignore it. Thus, in match play, I would suggest that there is no obligation for the player to tell his opponent about a ball...
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    Identifying A Ball When I’d rather not

    Yes, once the original is found, the provisional must be abandoned, but the player still has the stroke and distance option under unplayable. He must return to the previous spot and play again from there (ie, he cannot continue play with the provisional ball played in case his original might be...
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    Identifying A Ball When I’d rather not

    And the Rules define "lost" very simply - not found within three minutes of searching.
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    A Bit of a Kerfuffle - Practice Putting on Greens

    That local Rule is in place for the vast majority of professional tour stroke play events and is why we never see the professionals practicing on the putting green after completing the hole. Many TV viewers don't realize that the local Rule is in place and thus assume that practice on the...
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    4BBB Match - Incorrect score for hole given.

    As chrisd has said, the player who gave you the wrong number of strokes he had taken and failed to correct that before you or your partner made your next stroke is no longer in the hole; he has incurred the general penalty (loss of hole). It's clearly in the Rule posted by rulefan. It does pay...
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    On the Green picking marker accidentally

    An analysis.. - when the partner marked the ball and tossed it aside, it was no longer a ball in play - the opponent's marking of a ball not in play is not a breach of any Rule - players may ignore a breach of the Rules by opponents, but once the breach is discussed, it can no longer be ignored...
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    3 Minute Search

    I think it's proper that the shorter ball be looked for first by both players, then both players look for the longer one.
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    3 Minute Search

    Three minutes for each ball unless they are both in the same general area, where searching for one would also be searching for the other. In that case it would be three minutes total. In the original posters case of a ball on each side of the fairway, it would be three minutes for each.
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    Wooden surround of a lake

    If the "body of water" is not marked as a penalty area, according to the definition of penalty area, it is still a penalty area and the edge of the penalty area is defined by its natural boundaries (that is, where the ground slopes down to form the depression that can hold the water). The...
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    Old hole in Green

    But, as you said earlier, even an opponent's only recourse is to advise the player that he is objecting and raise the issue with the Committee. The opponent is not a referee and cannot stop the player from proceeding as the player believes is correct.
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    Old hole in Green

    No "agreement" with others is required by the Rules. Find the nearest point to where your ball lies that avoids the interference on the line of play, and is not nearer to the hole, and place the ball on that nearest point of relief. Note that the nearest point of relief might be off the...
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    Pairs matchplay

    Isn't it wonderful how facts and data kill arguments!! Well done.
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    Temporary Local Rules - Winter ropes and poles

    I would consider the "in such circumstances" specific approval for your situation and course only, and, it does not become a "blanket" authorized local rule for anyone else to use. It certainly does not qualify as a Model Local Rule!! Imo, any course that wanted to employ such a local rule...
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    Identifying A Ball When I’d rather not

    Just a point of clarification - making a stroke at the provisional ball does not take the original ball out of play UNLESS that stroke at the provisional is made from a spot nearer the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be. Example - original ball is hit approximately 200 yards...
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    Identifying A Ball When I’d rather not

    He has provided a direct quote from the Rules of golf. I'm quite certain that it is correct! :giggle: