Pulling a well worn com from his pack Mark was soon staring at the image of the school's head master.
"Hello sir," Mark started with a smile,
The older man's eyes grew wide then he replied, "In all the years I have known you I can only remember you
smiling at me twice. Alright Mark what are you needing now?" https://nudecamgirls.chat
The shock apparent on his face Mark could only shake his head when the older man chuckled at him.
"I need to know where the council stands on the updates I did to the eradicator virus, I believe that we may
have use for it," Mark replied a little unsure as to how the head master was going to react.
"They have gone over it extensively, as of yet they haven't found anything wrong with the first 3/4 of it. I am
confident that they will finally approve it, why? What is so desperate that you need it?" The man asked a look
of concern on his face.
"I realize that not much news has reached there from out here near the boundary, but the empire has been
invaded. As of yet not even half the fleet is here yet, also we found that Tantka was responsible for the
Styrox feeling confident enough to attack," Mark stated. https://webcamgirls.watch
The head master's face suddenly grew grim, "Did you say the Styrox?" to which Mark nodded, "they are
the most ruthless race I have ever seen, send me everything! The council has to be told! My god Mark what in
the hell have you gotten your self into? Personally, I have looked over the entire program and yes you have
apparently fixed everything that was wrong with it." Suddenly the head master grew more serious than Mark had
ever seen him, "the council be damned! I haven't been head master all these years for nothing, I'm transmitting
it to you, but Mark, you better make damn sure you have EVERYTHING right about this when you change the
parameters of it! The council doesn't realize just who the fleet is up against, make it work and destroy those
flesh eating bastards!" https://livecamsex.show
Mark could see that the man was deadly serious, assuring the man Mark waited till the entire program was loaded
to his protected comp.
May 13