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    EG App

    Hi - I would suggest that's right and should only be net pars if comining in for emergency puroposes such as illness etc - of course if that's the case it should be a net par. Not sure how EG App differentiaites though
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    New Bargains Thread

    County Golf have a 60% Warehouse Clearance off marked prices using Code WHS60. Not much left but some nice Hackett Polos and a CK Jumper all in Medium
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    Cart bag for a GoKart trolley

    I have a GoKart Golf Bag for my GoKart trolley. Obviously fits the trolley peerfectly, is well made with plenty of pockets. If you're buying a new bag for your GoKart trolley I'd definitely recommend their own
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    Would you wear a pair of 'joggers' to play golf in?

    Here's an example of the Calvin Klein Golf Joggers - I like them but bery much doubt they'd be seen as acceptable at my club as they don't allow tracksuit bottoms and tese look pretty similar
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    St Patrick's Day golf balls

    Hiya I remembered your post and saw this today at Clubhouse Golf - might be close to what you want Shamrock Golf Balls
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    Driver loft and distance loss or gain.

    If you're hitting 220 yards now, you'll add a further 10 at leas as we move into summer. So length isn't really an issue so I wouldnt change anything youself. A Trackman lesson might help but you have a risk - as others have intimated - that a Pro may completly disect your swing. I'd focus on...
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    The Staffordshire GC

    There was an article in the Express & Star in February about this sale. Intrestingly no effort to obtain any views from the cusrrent members. Staffordshire Golf Club sale
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    New Bargains Thread

    orry - completely diasgree Sorry - completely disagree. Ive bought lots of Cutter & Buck gear from County Golf - always of a high standard in terms of quality and incomparable with Donnay & Slazenger
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    Nice/good quality scorecard holder

    Just received this Scorecard from Just Golf Online. Decent quality for the price and a nice size for my courses' scorecard. Shipping was £2.99 so I also bought a Sub 70 Micro towel for £3.99 and an Open 2021 Baseball Cap for £3.99 also. Both also very good quality
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    Personal range monitors.

    Interesting as thinking of buying one too. I also think you can use them with Speedsticks. Hows the accuracy and what stats does it give you?
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    Small tweak has added 25 yards to my driver

    Interesting if odd looking. It seems like the set up - to some degree - is mimicking an impact position enforcing more hip drive. Also the right hand underneath with the ball forward lmeans it's a strong grip promoting an upwards hit. All should help with distance
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    Golf Random Irritations

    I guess a benefit you can take is that all the work you're putting in now should pay real dividends once the weather and conditions improve. A friend of mine had a similar winter improvement a few seasons ago which continued through to the spring / summer and a real drop in his handicap...
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    Where to join?

    Again not sure about the Forest of Arden - It's really set up for corporate, societies and hotel guests which may impact on your tee times. You certainly won't get the feel of a 'real' golf club. I'd suggest the likes of Fulford Heath, Shirley, Hollywood, Moseley and Ladbrook - all fairly close...
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    Orange whip / golf tempo trainer

    Good question - I'm really unclear what's the best to purchase. I think the Orange Whip seems to offer more advantages in terms of lag benefits and you seem to be able to pick up a simialr vwerion off Ebay for £20. The best price for the speedsticks seems to be the Relentless with the chamgeable...
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    Posting a golf bag

    I've moved from selling golf stuff on Ebay & Posting to Facebook Marketplace and then most items sell locally which means no postage. The buyer also actually sees the item as I had a couple of Ebay sales where the buyer changed their mind and Ebay insisted I refund them plus I had to pay their...