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    Agree on Golf Mates. Likeable guys but very repetitive 3/4 hole matches with same people. Does have the odd good video with Dan Gavins etc though.
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    Dan Hendriksen Golf. Up and coming channel. Originally was with Crossfield now doing his own thing. Best up and coming channel by far. They have a large group of people to call on and everyone of them is brilliant.
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    Powakaddy Repair

    They are really not that difficult to repair. Purchase a motor and have a go. Plenty of videos and advice out there
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    Course recommendations

    Hi All I’m looking for some course recommendations please? I live in Walsall West Midlands and my friend lives in Stratford upon Avon. We’re looking to meet up somewhere near halfway for a round. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    West Midlands GC

    Hi All Quick one, has anybody played WM GC near Solihull way recently? I am due to play in Sunday morning and with all the rain we’ve had and with a lot forecast for Saturday I’m wondering if it holds up well and if it’s likely to shut easily? TIA Chris
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    Am I at the end of my golfing road ?

    I didn’t want to read and not reply. However I was playing off 18 and decided to myself I wanted to knuckle down and do everything I can to get to single figures. I really enjoyed this journey and I’m now down to 3.2 and I did this relatively quickly. However I will say that now I’m down to 3...
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    Question for Shot Scope V3 users

    I’ve played 6 rounds with the Shot scope and have gone from loving it to a bit kind of disappointed. I think the degree of stats it provides is good but I seem to find myself having to do an awful lot of editing to make sure it’s accurate enough to bother with..
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    Nice/good quality scorecard holder

    I was just about to say this. Get a nice custom one 👍 I’ve ordered loads from him.
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    Good practice for maintenance of fringes

    Surely that’s what makes the holes challenging/interesting and motivation to improve your skill set. You’ll be asking for trees to be moved next ha. Merry Xmas
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    Gliders trolley wheel covers

    I’ve bought and fitted some this winter. Wish I didn’t tbh. Just pieces of rubber that you have to screw to the wheels. Holes get clogged with mud and are a nightmare to clean. If you have a electric trolley with standard width wheels just get hedgehogs. Much much better
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    Shanking at The Range

    What I did when I was going through a similar thing was too video myself. You can soon see then the reason for the shank..
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    Question for Shot Scope V3 users

    That’s Great, found it in the editing. Thanks for that 👍
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    Question for Shot Scope V3 users

    OK, Great. Thank you. If I was to chip it from just off the green would it recognise it wasn't the putter or would I have to change that in the edit screen? thanks
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    Question for Shot Scope V3 users

    Hi All I have recently purchased a Shot Scope V3 and used it for the first time this morning. I think its a great bit of kit and will really help me tailor my practice. I do have a question though if anybody who is more experienced with it please. I hit a approach shot that missed the green...
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    Anyone else waiting for clubs?

    This is the reason I went to Scottsdale for the same day build. I couldn’t spend so much money and wait months. They newer models will be out by the time these all start dropping