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    PXG 0211 Driver

    I think that PXG have taken the hump at all the clubs being returned to them .They are now asking for£629 for their Gen 5 drivers. 🥴🥴
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    Boa Shoes - Washing Machine

    i have two pairs of adidas forgefiber Boa golf shoes ( 2019 ) and both pairs have had at least 8/9 visits to the washing machine . A nice clean and freshen up . Never had any problems .
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    7 or 9 wood

    Glad to hear you got it sorted. If the 11 wood isn’t suitable for you , you can return it to them within 14 days I believe .
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    7 or 9 wood

    On the other hand , for such a big company the website isn’t good at all and this week has been really poor .
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    Motocaddy DHC

    Bought my S1 DHC this week . Used it twice and seems to be a decent addition that does exactly what it says it does very well.
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    7 or 9 wood

    . Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Never had a glitch myself and I’ve had 3 separate orders with them . They are based in Chessington and the phone number is 0800 026 4653 .
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    7 or 9 wood

    Have a look on the EU Callaway pre owned Website. Couple of 7 and 9 woods on there . Bought my Mavrik irons , my 5 wood and gap wedge from them and every club they have sent to me looks brand new .
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    I bought today.....

    Motocaddy S1 DHC electric trolley. To make life a little easier on my very hilly home course .
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    All things BBQ and Braai

    Have a look at the American XXL BBQ on the Argos website. Large cooking area grill and may be more suitable to your budget at the moment.
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    Binoculars for watching golf

    Have a browse at Plenty of choice and a good company to deal with .
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    WW3 -All Russia / Ukraine stuff here please-

    To try and brighten things up a bit . My wife has a very close friend from work who is Ukrainian. Her friend has obviously been extremely anxious since the start of the war for her friends and family back home. Even more so because her mother in Ukraine wasn’t at all worried and didn’t...
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    New Bargains Thread

    There is a difference though. I think the UA mistake was a technical glitch . But in the AG double trade in offer , several high earning board members sat around a table and a majority of them decided it was a great idea . The store managers at AG could still refuse a trade in if the clubs...
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    Working From Home Again

    May I ask , are the people at the DVLA working from home ? Because if they are , they appear to doing the minimum amount possible !
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    Beer Prices

    Cheltenham races a fortnight ago , 2 pints of Guinness and 1 pint of Carling £19.90 😳. The Guinness was £6.90 a pint . The queue at the bar was 6 deep .