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    25 degree hybrid

    I have 5 hybrid in the bag but the only problem I find is that the gap between the 6 iron and 5 hybrid too big so end up keeping the 5 iron in the bag also. It really is an easy club to use.
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    I bought today.....

    What’s the sizing like?
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    Winter golf balls

    I play the same ball all year round, have considered changing for winter but I don’t tend to loose that many.
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    Stoke Park (Buckinghamshire)

    I played it on Monday, thought it was quite good to be fair and had a really enjoyable round of golf. Closes this coming Monday for redevelopment, apparently that will also include a cricket pitch, but not heard any mention of re opening either after the redevelopment.
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    Is a trolley worth it?

    IMO a trolley makes golf easier. I recently used an electric one and now I’m looking to upgrade my push trolley.
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    Shot Scope V3

    Played yesterday using mine for first time in a ages and it only missed two shots the whole round and both on same hole, generally happy with it.
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    PXG 0211 irons

    I really like mine, I swapped over from Mizuno which I didn’t really like. Are they any better distance wise probably not but I much prefer the feel and looks.
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    Has Game Golf finally died?

    I contacted Game Golf yesterday to get course remapped, very quick and easy to get it done and fingers crossed will be updated soon.
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    Rangefinder or garmin watch

    I have a laser and use Hole19 on my Apple Watch, I tend to only use the laser if I’m looking to lay up or playing downhill/uphill or on new courses. Also I feel that when I’m using the laser I look a bit of a Wally!
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    Do premium/urethane balls really benefit *everyone*??

    I think Mark Crossfield has recently uploaded a video about the Srixon and Callaway range of balls, can’t remember exactly what was the outcome but I’m sure they essentially were all very similar in length and spin.
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    WTD Arccos

    Ping we’re doing an offer with Arccos if you had a ping club you could get the tags for £20 if you registered it -
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    I bought today.....

    Not today but received the PXG 0211 irons 5-PW that I bought second hand last week, will take them out for a round tomorrow but really like the look and feel of them from the few hits in the garden.
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    Shotscope V3 anyone got a presale discount link? Really disappointed in my Garmin so want to send it back and get on these.

    I’ve decided to get rid, like the idea but just can’t be bothered with the editing and mucking around after the round. Used Hole19 for a couple rounds and not had any issues so will stick with that for a while. Has anyone used Hole19 abroad?
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    Hybrid vs Iron with Same Loft

    I’ve got a 4 hybrid and a 5 hybrid which I like but I’ve found that the gap between them and the 6 iron too much so I’ve dropped the 5 hybrid in favour of the 5 iron which gives me more consistent gap.
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    I bought today.....

    Titleist sm7 46* wedge - going to try using this instead of my stock PW