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    The Mental Health Thread

    Been toying about posting here or the how Covid has affected me. Decided on here. Not after sympathy, a debate or any comment. This is simply as per the title thread. How it has affected me Currently typing this in a dark room, several empty beer bottles on the floor and a resignation letter...
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    Random irritations of the day......

    Idiots on the train with the mask below the nose and then sniffing and coughing. Moved seats, the next carriage seemed far enough
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    Second hand club sites

    He seemed so keen. I'm sure he'll be back
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    Multi Course Membership

    At the cost to the subscriber as per the Kondor golf in the OP
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    I use a GPS until I get to 120 yards and in when accuracy becomes more important. I have worked hard on my distance control especially from 100 yard and in (well I had until Covid) so I want a rangefinder to give me an accurate reading
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    Membership Rebate

    Not heard a word yet. Envelope must be imminent for the next payment due from 1/2. Those in power on the whatsapp etc have gone strangely quiet after dropping hints in the last few weeks
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    No golf until March maybe ?

    Missing it from a mental health point of view but not missing it given the conditions. It'll be what it'll be. Got bigger worries
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    What’s the next club on your shopping list...

    Looks like £119 for the sensor and then £169 for the sensors which you have to buy separately according to their site
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    Cricket 2021

    Decent performance. That had the potential to be a banana skin given the spinners Sri Lanka but England got there well. India may be a different proposition though
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    For the majority though, yes the money could be better but it is a calling to them and ingrained to give the maximum support and care they can. The biggest problem is how quickly people can simply deteriorate even intubated and there is nothing to be done. Yes its the same with a lot of ICU...
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    Random irritations of the day......

    That's tough. Make sure your friend is OK though. He's going to need his mates
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Another 12 hour shift, another increase in patients coming to ICU and more people dying. I'm absolutely done in and I'm not even working clinically. You can see the pain and hurt in the eyes of the nurses and doctors and some of our younger and inexperienced nurse are really struggling mentally...
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    Second hand club sites

    Have bought and sold with Golfbidder without issue. The prices they offer to buy aren't great but I figured getting a set price without the hassle of e-bay to simply get rid was worth it. At least if you get a quote from them it gives you a ball park figure
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    What’s the next club on your shopping list...

    That sounds like the original game golf. Do you have to tag the club in the same way
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    New Pro V1 or Pro 1x?

    Agreed. I love playing with players that hit it low and then wonder why it pitches on or short and then runs for miles and often through. There are ways to get it round even hitting low but don't blame the ball. A reasonable mid-handicapper can get the ball to stop on hard greens but it does...