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    The Footie Thread

    Because there needs to be 2 Liverpool players between him and the goal when his team mate kicks the ball forward.
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    Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Because going into a building you don't know the layout of trying to find a gunman without sufficient backup is asking for trouble. You need to sweep the building in a controlled manner. If it goes wrong you end up with another Waco.
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    Havent played saltburn but Hunly iwas nice when I played there about 8 years ago.
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    Diamond Cut Wheels with Low Profile Tyres...Options?!

    If going down the refurb route get them powder coated rather than painted. But make sure you get it done buy someone who knows what they are doing as the curing can structurally weaken the wheels if not done properly.
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    Another Mass Shooting in the US

    There is a reason why they have SWAT teams, your average American cop is not going to have the training, weapons, tactics or backup to enter a large building and deal with a shooter.
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    Golfer's Car?

    You driven around NE Scotland? You need to be able to get past artics on short stretches of straight road or your driving everywhere at 45 mph.
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    Ping G400, G410, G425 Drivers

    You by your own admission don't have a fast swing. The only reason I got rid of my g30 was because it was agrivating my tinnitus.
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    The Footie Thread

    When is the last time ManU finished without a positive GD?
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    Injury when at golf

    Id be worried that it's contagious.
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    Injury when at golf

    Do your playing partners receive danger money? 😆
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    Cricket 2021

    I'd say his arm is a bit higher than malinga's. You'd be hoping he misses the stumps for the first few whilst your trying to figure out where it's coming from. 😂
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    Drop or not?

    I would declare it unplayable and take a drop.
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    Cricket 2021

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    Pre workout drinks

    A pre match pint always helps.
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    You are too slow!

    If I was playing a round and it's was going to take 4hrs I'd be walking off at 13. A 3 ball should get round in 3.15-3.20. I've been round in 85 mins by myself and 2 hrs as a 2 ball.