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    The Footie Thread

    I can’t believe what I just witnessed. How can you be leading in the last minute of injury time and manage to lose the match! I don’t rate John Moss as a ref and today confirmed it. Of course I am biased, but the decisions only seemed to go one way. Twice he even gave free kicks to Spurs...
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    Reasonable to request a partial membership refund?

    We use Club V1 too. Sounds like there is an issue with the software. Someone at your club should be contacting Club V1 to get this addressed.
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    Reasonable to request a partial membership refund?

    With the booking system we use once someone has started a booking online at a specific time no one else can jump in and book it ahead of them. There is a time limit I believe, but that time is reserved until the booking is completed or timed out. It sounds like you have a different system. As...
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    Reasonable to request a partial membership refund?

    There is only one roll-up group on Saturday and they basically take up the times from 11.30 to 1.00. If you want to play before then it’s turn up and hope that one of the groups that play earlier are one short and happy for you to join them. A booking system would make it much simpler. It’s...
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    Amazon about face

    It was bound to happen. Too much income to be lost on both sides.
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    Reasonable to request a partial membership refund?

    At our place there is no booking until 1.10pm on a Saturday, which means that short of standing by the first tee and hoping a non-full group will let me join there’s no point in turning up. When we had booking last year, I could check a day or two in advance and put myself down with a non-full...
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    Open Competitions - What is a valid handicap

    The only minor irritation is point iv. The others were just put there to show what different clubs do. Re iv. I agree that the clubs can set the maximum shots allowed, my point is that in some cases they allow higher handicappers, but restricted to a maximum number of shots which is fine, but...
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    Open Competitions - What is a valid handicap

    I made entries for me and my PP into a few opens earlier in the week. I saw the following stipulations in different instances i) With it now possible for a nomad to get an official handicap I noted that many, if not nearly all, state that you must be a member of a club to enter. ii) Many...
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    Senior Golfer?

    55 at my club and that’s usually been the case for the opens that I’ve entered, although there are a few that are 60+
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    Golf Landmark

    The first time I played that hole was in a society day where you put £10 in a charity bucket for the chance to win £10k for a hole in one. Just needed you and your 6-iron for that one.
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    Golf Landmark

    Congratulations Nick. Was it the slightly downhill hole which feels it’s in a quarry? Well done again!
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    Opens 2022

    Booked Sherwood Forest individual seniors. Were only three slots left when booked on the day it went live. Played there a couple of years ago and its a cracking course.
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    First full round in eleven weeks. Front nine abysmal (8 pts), back nine was a bit of everything, including two birdies (18pts)!
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    Films that disappoint

    The Usual Suspects Fight Club
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    Covid Isolation Binge Watch Suggestions

    The Wire (no.1 for me) Mad Men Billions (not as deep as the others, but a good easy going watch) The Sopranos Chernobyl