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    Best free app for Apple Watch?

    Very happy with the Tag Heuer app, costs about £38 per year but the amount of information is worth it.
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    I use GolfNow for the convenience of booking. Good example I want to play on Bank Holiday Monday in the Great Malvern area, most of the nice close clubs don't do online bookings and being a bank holiday will probably have lots of members out and may not be allowing visitors at all. So to save me...
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    What if your driver suddenly cracked?

    I quite often "bench" my driver for weeks on end and use the 3 wood.
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    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    Costco have also been doing the Callaway Tour Hex Soft for £28 for 24, I prefer them over the Kirklands.
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    What's your most lofted wedge?

    A 58 degree Callaway Sureout used as a sand wedge. I have a 64 degree Cleveland wedge somewhere that I tried as a lob wedge but found it too hard to use.
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    Oak Park closure

    Won't be missed here, the 10th to 13th are bloody nightmare. The club had a very poor reputation and I believe even got thrown out of a league a few years ago.
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    Have you ever got lost

    Several times. Shortest round was at The Hampshire, after playing the 1st I managed to move on to the 17th.
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    12 degree driver

    I have mine (Cobra King F7) set to 13.5, happy with the loft.
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    Game Golf coming back?

    Too late for me, Game Golf Pro was a disaster. Now using Arccos.
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    How many PSI’s Does your club have

    1 - used to be in the clubhouse upstairs bar but is currently sitting near to a door in the ground floor function room.
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    Nil Returns and WHS

    I was DQ'd in a medal last week (stupidly forgot to sign the card I was marking), but got a 0.5 cut.
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    Par 6

    The par 6 tee is only 100 yards further back and is elevated, so it's a no brainer to play from it.
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    The UK & Ireland’s Next 100 - how many have you played?

    Without even looking, I'd guess none. Edit: I was close, just the one (Blackmoor).
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    Post Lockdown Competitions 2021 🔙🔛 - How are you getting on? Are you playing in one this week?

    Monthly Stableford off the whites, not a great round, 23 points. It was won with 34.
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    Does anyone use Arccos?

    Started using Arccos recently after purchasing a set of Cobra King F9 irons and getting the complementary "completion" set of sensors. Really impressed so far, very few missed shots. The only issue I had was too many putts being detected, then I realised I often knock the ball away after holing...