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    Using your shots

    Totally agree and was going to post the same. While playing to your capabilities is a good thing in principle, I think trying to take your shots into account on every hole is a bit too negative an approach. When you are a high handicapper you need to beat your handicap and not just play to it...
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    Golf Tees, Favourite Brands or any suggestions on what to use and look out for?

    I use the little red castles for irons and hybrids and wooden ones for driver. I am in increasingly seeing plastic tees littering the tee boxes / bins though and can’t help but think that this is bad. We should probably do our bit and stop it with the plastic ones which don’t biodegrade
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    playing a par 3 course

    Do what you like. - I have carried my full bag round But generally I just remove the longer clubs and carry irons only
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    How many times do you keep score.

    I use Golfshot. I don’t think it adds any time to the round and it gives me the stats that I enjoy having for very little effort. I tend to keep track of how many I’ve hit on each hole and just input the numbers as I am walking to the next tee (carry a bag so have both hands free) and it allows...
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    How many wedges and what lofts?

    I think you need to know your distances to know what gaps you need to fill and also consider whether you like playing a full shot or want to bump and run it a bit more. Some folks are also really good at manipulating 1 club to get different ball flights / shots etc - I'm not For me, I am...
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    Hybrid Clubs

    I have a pair of Mizuno hybrids 19&23 deg. I love them and they are my go to off the tee when I need accuracy. Great ball flight and used in all sorts of situations. Tee / fairway / rough and dinks out from under the trees. probably the most used club in the bag after the putter …..
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    Crazy range ball prices.

    local range in Cambridge (rough and ready) is £4 for 50, or a pre-pay card for £28 for 10 tips (50 balls) which I think is ok value. I want to say it is the same cost as it was 10 years ago. The AG is £4 for 25 balls, £6 for 50, £9 for 100.....which is not such good value, but I do like the top...
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    Are you bothered about golf in the Olympics?

    For me, it’s the format that’s wrong. A boring stroke play event is not what the olympics need. Give us a 4bbb or a mixed m/f team match play or some such and I think it could be interesting. Even a stroke play with men and women playing together off different tee boxes but in the same match...
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    The Old Course Backwards with Hickory

    Yes, I think the latest stuff is really watchable - Rather than it being all a bit gimmicky, just watching him try to play golf a bit like we all try to play golf has been great.
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    When you haven't played the game for a long time.....

    I think for me, it comes down to expectation and pressure. I don't have any natural ability and didn't start young so need to practice to become OK / consistent. Hence first round back when I haven't played for a while, I don't expect to be much good and I can play what's in front of me a bit...
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    Playing partner falsifying scores

    ....It's tricky - If it is just a friendly game and they are not submitting a card, then the only person they are really cheating is themselves.... The danger comes if it happens with a card in hand or even just with other people present. I personally would not want to be tarred with the same...
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    whats the ruling?

    I was playing a round by myself this afternoon and ended up in a greenside bunker. As I got to the bunker, I realised that the bunker looked like Dunkirk and was not raked at all (even though there was a rake in there). As I was cursing the state of the bunker, I realised that the whole...
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    What to read into stats?

    A bit of background before the requests for advice at the end: I have recently joined a local club after taking up the game a few years ago and am hoping to put in my 3 cards for handicap purposes in the next month or so. Hopefully this results in me getting a handicap of around 25/26 and then...
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    Finding a club to join?

    I want to join a club but want to know exactly what I should be looking for / what questions I should be asking when looking around. I am currently a bit of a nomad and have been playing around Cambridge for the last few years or so. Recently the group that I usually play with seem to have...