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    Waterproof hat for the follicly challenged

    I have one of these and it's pretty good water beads up and slides off, very warm also
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    Anyone else waiting for clubs?

    I've ordered Callaway Apex Pro Irons via my fitter, ordered on 25th Jan was told 4-6 weeks but fair chance it could be quicker. So currently at 3 weeks, 8th March will be 6 weeks so hoping to have them before then! Does anybody have any good info on current Callaway wait times?
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    I should add to my big long list, I was only thinking of sort of 'proper' YouTubers are hold a camera up to their own face. I should add in my view there is a whole other elite tier who are more like film makers, No Laying Up, Eric Anders Lang on Random GC and his Adventures In Golf series on...
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    Interesting thread this as an avid golf YT watcher here is my run down on most mentioned here:- Dan Hendriksen - Currently my most watched channel, I like the slightly more amateurish production value makes me feel 'closer' to it and you feel like you know Dan, Bernie, Jordan, Lee etc. really...
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    Berkshire & Surrey - Rest of Jan/Feb

    Anybody in the Berkshire/Surrey area up for a friendly round in the next few weeks? Looking at Pine Ridge, Pyrford Lakes or anywhere else you can suggest that holds up well in winter.
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    How young is too young...?

    I can't be the only one who was a bit alarmed at first when they saw the title of this thread.... :oops::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Walton Heath

    I'm interested and Option 1, 2 or 3 works for me
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    Saunton Easter open

    Now that does sound good, I was thinking of planning a trip this summer to maybe play Saunton and RND (Never played it but "England's oldest course" makes it bucket list for sure) so that event could well be on the agenda next year
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    Taylormade Stealth

    Oh no don't get me wrong I will certainly try all the latest and shiny stuff, just how new it is and the way it looks is totally insignificant compared with performance and value for money, I could probably have explained better! I could be the biggest hypocrite ever and be coming back next...
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    Saunton Easter open

    Thanks chaps, I'll give it a miss for this year certainly but it's an interesting option for when I'm hopefully well into single figures in 2023 :D
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    Taylormade Stealth

    Yeah totally agree and understand that but it just struck me quite how many people they ship this stuff too before release, it's not just a select group it seems like it's hundreds of people just in the UK. Maybe I'll start a YouTube channel just to get the freebies ;)
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    New Bargains Thread

    Damn they're back to full price now! :(
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    2022 Dream Team - interest?

    Sounds like good fun, I'm up for it
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    Taylormade Stealth

    I'm not too interested in the latest £500 TM driver to be honest, all the YouTube videos I've watched prove it doesn't go more than 2-3 yards further so unless you have bundles of money to throw around on the latest gear for a bit of fun I don't see the point. How you hit the club is going to...
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    Saunton Easter open

    Just a question on these opens, would it generally be for low handicap players or is it a real mix? Played Saunton once before and it was very very tough in a howling wind and driving rain, but I love North Devon and would love to give it another go now I'm more improved.