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    How is your course in the winter ?

    Our course has a no closure policy - we have 20 holes and in winter re route the course to remove 2 holes on the summer front 9 that don't drain well. The course is parkland and does get very wet in certain areas, but the club is keen to keep it open at all times (unless conditions are...
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    Bunker - unplayable lie

    Thanks Slab, agree it was the best option for me to take - unfortunately it never occured to me at the time as was such an unusual occurance.
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    Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Agree, def worth playing - a mate of mine is a member and ive been fortunate to have a few rounds there. Hard to believe its only about 30 years old, its very well developed.
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    Bunker - unplayable lie

    In a comp today I was on our par 4 9th in 3 shots but faced with a very quick 10 foot downhill putt, which I made a hash of - putting off the green into a bunker that is set several feet below green level. After 3 poor bunker shots and a chip/2 putts, I eventually walked off with a 10. This...
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    What's your most lofted wedge?

    60 degree Taylormade Big Foot that has 15 degree bounce. Is only sw/lw I carry - next most lofted club is 49 degree gw.
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    What's your longest iron?

    This season i took the 4 & 5 irons out of bag because they were only being used for occassional tee shots. Longest is therefore 6, before 4 & 5 hybrids. Only currently carry 12 clubs, and can't say i have missed those irons. When the ground has been rock hard have thought about putting 4 iron...
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    I'm Getting Excited About THE OPEN

    Unfortunately i think NowTV have now scrapped the weeks pass - only options are £10 day pass or monthly one. Pity as the week pass was a great option.
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    The peasants are revolting

    That comment is made a lot - particularly by us folk still working, who may not have that many opportunities to play during the week.
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    The peasants are revolting

    I have experienced the exact opposite. Over the past 25 years i have been a member of 4 clubs, and each one charged a comp entry fee (circa £2.50 - more for board comps) plus a further amount should you wish to enter 2s or sweep. A lot dont enter the 2s cos they feel they are just helping fund...
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    New club - tee times chocca!

    I had always assumed that is the case at our club - me and a mate have put our names down with another 2 (who we didnt know) and likewise have had single players put their names down with us on a busy Sat morning. At some clubs is this frowned upon - ie, you are expected to contact people before...
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    Tee Times - Staying or Going

    At our club the general consensus appears to be that the booking system has worked well, and so hopefully it will remain in place. The club does block out certain times in the midweek to enable the larger roll up groups to continue. I do enjoy the fact that through booking a time i know exactly...
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    Nil Returns and WHS

    Whilst NRs clearly should be discouraged, and most of the examples dicsussed here relate to players who have got face on due to a bad round and simply left the course without submitting their score/card, there are sometimes mitigating circumstances for a NR. Last Sat when i played a wrong ball...
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    Kendal area courses

    Silloth should be a priority. Windermere is a nice course - no bunkers, Kendal and Kirkby Lonsdale also worth playing. Have also played Barrow and Ulverston when staying in Kendal. Rich
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    Played wrong ball

    Thanks Rulefan for the clarification. I therefore did follow correct procedure and should have entered a score of 7 for that hole. Rich
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    Played wrong ball

    Hi Can someone please advise re correct ruling per an incident i was involved in at a comp last Sat; I played my tee shot to a par 3, saw the ball hit bank of green and run down severe slope to an area of rough. Assuming ball may be lost i played a provissional which finished 8 feet from the...