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    National anthem

    Why does this not surprise me.
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    National anthem

    22 minute national anthem, can you imagine the medal ceremony at the Olympics 😂😂😂
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    Wentworth - Visitors

    I go to Wentworth most years for the PGA, unless it's changed very recently you are able to drive onto the estate and up to the clubhouse with no issues.
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    National anthem

    The Archers theme as suggested by Billy Connolly.
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    Has the Lockdowns made you fatter or fitter?

    I weigh about the same but I've been doing a lot more walking and cycling so probably fitter.
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    Trilby tour gone bust?

    Apart from the TV coverage this pretty much covers the England golf events that attract proper golfers rather than bandits. Would be nice if they ran a few more handicap events under the same conditions though.
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    How many will submit “Qualfying Cards”

    Pretty much this for me too I reckon.
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    Cricket 2021

    Crowd limited to a small number for obvious reasons so what do they do..... all congregate into large groups 🤦‍♂️
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    Trilby tour gone bust?

    So many things in my golfing career that I'll never achieve....... like being a 'TT legend' or a '17hcp short game wizard' 😢
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    Has anyone played Bay Hill?

    You can't blame Mr Pol-Mur for the press calling him that. Strange though that his biggest rival is just known as Jack.
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    Has anyone played Bay Hill?

    Not played it but I did go to have a look when on holiday in Orlando.
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    Winter work at my club

    The head greenkeeper has got his hands on a drone and put this together showing the winter works. Lots been going on during this current lockdown.
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    Trilby tour gone bust?

    Hats off to him (😂) he did a brilliant job charging clubs in the region of £30k for the privilege of hosting his events.
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    Club's compensation package for lockdown 3.

    Do you close your clubhouse when the course is closed?
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    Not New, Not Shinnes

    I'm not a fan of coloured irons but those look fab!