Began playing in my late teens for about 8 or 10 years, then had a 15 or 20 year lay off before succumbing totally in 2007.

[COLOR="#008000"]Comp Set-[/COLOR] Driver-Titleist 909 D2, [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]x[/COLOR]3 wood-Mizuno MP001, [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]x[/COLOR]5 wood-Cobra S2, [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]x[/COLOR]Hybrid-Mizuno MX700 20 deg, [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]xx[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Irons- Mizuno JPX 825 Pro 4-PW, [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]xx[/COLOR]Mizuno Tour Style 52 & Vokey 56 deg,[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]xx[/COLOR]Putter - Odyssey White Steel No 1
[COLOR="#008000"]Old School Clubs - [/COLOR]Too many to list.
[COLOR="#008000"]2017 H'cap [/COLOR] - [COLOR="#000FFF"]Start 10.8, finish 12.0[/COLOR]

errrrr, well, golf.


Clubs -xx Various old wooden woods. xxx Various old bladed irons. xxx Various strange old putters.
It's not all about the score. xx
Handicap Index - 13.7




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