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    Winter golf balls

    Can someone explain compression to me? ie, is it purely related to club head spead? or does 'smash factor' make a difference? The articles I've read all seem to mention club head speed with driver, yet this represents 14 or fewer shots per round. Someone with a high driver clubhead speed will...
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    What would you score around Valderrama?

    Played it off the yellows. No long but tight, tighter than it looks as you can get blocked out. Greens are small but if you can handle a lob wedge no reason you shouldn't play to handicap. Perfectly manicured. When I played it the bunkers had crushed white marble instead of sand, which was...
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    Drive for Dough???

    I would add, that the real skill of good players is the shots/recovery they play after driving into trouble. Shots from thick rough, low shots to come out of trees, high shots to clear trees, shaping the ball etc.
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    One thing….

    The putting stats are misleading. I'd imagine a PGA Tour pro would be much better than 50/50 from 8ft on your standard UK green.
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    Win a pair of FootJoy shoes

    Cantlay 3.5 USA 15 - 13 EUR
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    Win three FootJoy Premium Performance gloves

    Cantlay 3.5 USA 15.5 - 12.5 EUR
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    What European pairings do you see happening?

    Sergio is a great driver, great ball striker and gets the most out of his partners. Form is an interesting one. Without doubt a number of european players are not in good 72 hole strokeplay form. 18 hole pairs matchplay is different so hopefully this will reduce the gap to the US players a...
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    What European pairings do you see happening?

    Foursomes matchplay is fascinating. As a rule of thumb, pick your 8 best putters - players who can be relied to hole 8-12 footers under pressure having maybe gone an hour without having a putt. You can then tweak this list by looking at driving. Then course layout - ag are all the par 3's...
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    What European pairings do you see happening?

    I'm not convinced anyone should play all 5 matches, although a few probably will. A break keeps you fresh for the singles, and from what I recall in previous ryder cups, those who play all 5 don't have a great singles record.
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    The Solheim pick up controversy - what should have happened?

    Half the fun of matchplay is the psychology around gimmies. I never expect to be given anything, although if asked to finish a short one, I might decide to take an excessive amount of time to read and prepare. Conceding easy putts early on prevents your opponent getting into a rythym, especially...
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    Curtis Cup 2021

    Yes, they want 16-18 to feature.
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    Curtis Cup 2021

    They've started on 11. Finish on 10
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    'Twos' competition

    I suppose our par 3's are quite hard, and most the higher handicappers will be hitting timber into all of them. I've had a look at the 2's report for the last comp and highest handicap was 18. Most were bunched around the 10-13 handicap mark. There's an obvious pinch point in handicap whereby...
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    'Twos' competition

    We split our 2's equally for board comps and 2 divisions for non majors (0-14 & 15+). The two divisions aren't equal, I'd say 2/3rds are 0-14. This year I've won £11 & £12 for 2's in the equal payout, and a miserly £5.67 & £3.85 for 2's in the 0-14.(The higher division has been known to roll...
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    Golf in Anglesey

    Played Holyhead and Bull Bay in June, both good. Holyhead shaded it on condition, Bull Bay was a bit tatty but may have improved over summer. Both courses considerably harder off the white blocks. Quite a few blind shots so first time would recommend playing yellows.