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    oldest active seniors

    As a junior I got drawn a couple of times to partner a lady who at the time was in her 90s, and we came in the top 3 in one of those. I can only assume she's no longer with us as it was 20+ years ago but remember she was good company and hit a nice ball. addressed the ball with her feet together...
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    Solheim Cup

    Slightly better than ever imaginitive USA supporters (what was it they chant at every possible opportunity again?)
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    Craziest ever reason for inability to identify ball

    Same here, first thing I do when I get a new box of balls is to re-sleeve them so I have 1-2-3, 4-1-2, 3-4-1 & 2-3-4 and play them in that order (and do the same thing for the back 9)
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    Random Irritations

    Could they not find a nice new Bethpage Black logoed ball rather than the scuffed lake ball they used on the telly to welcome us back after the ad breaks over the weekend?
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    Random Irritations

    Urzad Wojewodzki (Government Offices) Arrived at 7.30 this morning, I had a document to collect, when you enter theres a touchscreen computer and you select the service you need and it gives you a ticket. So select English, and theres an option for "Collect Document" that sounds like me! Number...
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    Random Irritations

    We suggested that seeing as it would be difficult to get large presents in their luggage it would be better if people gave us gifts that fit in an envelope, and we're using those gifts as part of the deposit on our house
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    Crossfield again

    If I had to guess I'd say that video was edited by the D@%*y M£%l as it showed him being a Grade A A-hole the girls on the phone never sounded angry or shouted over they just sounded exasperated that every time they opened their mouth he spat his dummy out.
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    How far do you live from your home course

    According to Googlemaps I'm 58km or 1 hour away, there's only one golf course inbetween (where I was member last year). Lack of golf courses was the "main" concern I had moving here with only about 30 in the entire country, luckily we have Germany and Czech Republic not too far away!
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    Your Name if you were an American Golfer

    Good job I wasn't born in Dover
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    Your Name if you were an American Golfer

    Ben Abu Dhabi I - Not sure mine works!
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    Worst course

    Without question it has to me Thamesmead it's since been closed (I think the driving range is still going) and looking at google maps it's just been left to grow out so it's probably in better condition than it was as a "golf course"
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    Foursomes - yes or no?

    Definitely best avoided, really struggle to get any sort of rhythm, would prefer greensomes, or Canadian greensomes, and certainly wouldn't play it on a green fee.
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    Forum Members Map

    Just added mine, looks like I might have a struggle in the arrange a game section
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    Home comps when no chance of winning

    My main reason for entering comps is to play well and get my handicap down, if at the end of the day I've played well and someone hands me a trophy/proshop voucher great but I'm not going to stay at home because there's "no chance" of that happening.
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    Local Elections 2019

    A bit like selecting Stefanovic to be your golf clubs captain