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    Online dating, anyone done it.

    "Loves eating out." = cannot cook.
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    Golf Club Competition Booking Systems and Ideas

    Because of the current two ball restrictions, there will be a higher demand for tee times. Once that restriction is lifted, hopefully things will be better.
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    Smart Motorways

    The M8 Motorway was the first motorway to be built in Scotland in the 1970s. Linking Edinburgh and Glasgow, the original part is two lanes each way with a hard shoulder. As the volume of traffic increased over the years it was proposed that the hard shoulder be used as a third lane to alleviate...
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    Your Favorite Golf Club Car Park

    Craigintinny Golf Course in Edinburgh. Nothing to do with golf, more to do with the Steward's daughter who I was dating back in the mid 70s. Many dark corners. ;)
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    Smart Motorways

    In Scotland there are no hard shoulders on the majority of the motorways. Drivers also leave more distance between themselves and the vehicle in front thus giving more reaction time. In my opinion it is the drivers rather than the road to blame
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    Do you ever get the urge?

    I'd love to fly a helicopter again and compare how the modern ones are to the old Hiller UH12 and Bell 47s I learnt on.
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    Golf destination

    If Nicola lets you in over the border!
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    Holidaying outside the UK??

    Flights were booked direct with Jet2 and hotel and golf through Bilyana.
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    Holidaying outside the UK??

    Just booked for Belek 2022. Return flights from Edinburgh with extra leg room, clubs and bags = £280, 7 nights all inclusive at Serene Belek, 2 rounds Sultan, 2 x Pasha, 1 Carya & 1 x Montgomerie = £900. Cheaper than 2 years ago, and plenty of time to save. (y) :)
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    Right hander now putting left handed

    American Notah Begay III who played on the PGA tour, would putt either right or left handed depending on the break of the putt. He put the concept to good use with four victories on the US PGA Tour in 1999 and 2000.
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    Any plumbers in the house!

    Tell them you think you can smell gas.
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    What has been the "best" car you owned?

    I'll see your Sylva and raise you this...
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    What has been the "best" car you owned?

    That is a 1995 Sylva Fury.
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    What's the best way to sell a Private Plate

    A lot depends on the plate. If it is specific to a certain type of car Eg. BMW or 911 etc, then a forum relating to those cars might be appropriate. I have a couple for sale on Reg Transfers, but have not had any success so far. It doesn't cost anything to list them there, but they take a...
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    Mature women

    Those are youngsters in my eyes! :p