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    For the plumbers - draining a sealed system

    Can you not just isolate the radiator that you are swapping out by closing the valves at each end then opening the bleed valve and gently removing the valves from the radiator whilst catching the water into a container?
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    Snow on them thar hills

    Every year there seems to be a blizzard in the SE of England which deposits a few millimetres of snow and everywhere grinds to a halt!
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    best place to get a single iron?

    Can you not re-shaft your 7 iron?
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    Tee times at Dalmahoy

    Both are James Braid designed courses. The East is the longer of the two and can be a bit of a slog in my opinion especially off the back tees. The West Course is more suitable to my standard of play!
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    Tee times at Dalmahoy

    I have no axe to grind, and I know folk who are members at both Dalmahoy and Ratho. As you will be aware Dalmahoy is a Country Club whereas Ratho is a Golf Club. Personally speaking, if I was only looking to play golf, then I would choose Ratho over Dalmahoy every day.
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    Panic buying fuel

    What is really galling is the fact we are paying VAT on the fuel duty which is tax on the tax!!!
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    Laughter - the best medicine

    Only those of a certain age will appreciate that!
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    Animal 💩 outside the house

    I'll raise you....
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    Golfers being ripped off?

    £65 for a football shirt! Now that is a rip off. :mad:
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    Fairway mats and WHS

    Unfortunately at our course, when we start playing off mats we also use winter tees and sometimes winter greens thus rendering the Measured Course requirement unoperable. We do however use a Winter Masterscoreboard and a Winter League which gives us a winter handicap for home competitions only.
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    Golf tomorrow - anyone else

    Absolutely brilliant day up here today, not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind so it probably won't get dark until 18:45! . Enjoy Ashludie, as long as you don't get stuck behind the old buffers you should be fine.
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    Golf tomorrow - anyone else

    Another two and a bit weeks it will be dark at 5pm. :(
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    Golf tomorrow - anyone else

    I played Kilspindie for the first time this summer. It was a roll over from the start of lockdown as we had booked to play their Seniors Open in 2020. I have played Gullane, Longniddry, Dunbar etc many many times over the years but never Kilspindie, but what a course! I simply loved it and will...
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    Driving license

    Driving licences expire when you reach 70. I'm not quite there yet!
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    Panic buying fuel

    ??? Sorry, but that's lost on me