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    MP Stabbed at Constituency

    What is wrong with some people, how can anyone be driven to carry out these attacks and have any kind of conscience. Truly awful.
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    Driving/utility iron recommendations

    I have a steel shafted one of these, goes very well when swung with a bit of intent. (not my sale, just reference).
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    Things That Gladden The Heart

    Lets not make it political, I'd just as well want to fine those driving substandard cars on the motorways which break down or cause problems to others too, noone likes 10k tailbacks!
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    MD wedges

    At the time, they were the biggest spinning wedges you could find, sometimes too much but found once they were a few rounds in the were very good, I found them to be a shade lighter than Vokeys.
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    Having a round without a beer after.

    Coke, Coke zero, coffee, rock shandy or a pint of half and half shandy at most for me, there's plenty of alternatives to a pint of beer really and its probably more you learning to not give a flying Castlemaine four x about what others think.
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    Open going back to Portrush

    Hopefully Portrush gets its act together with more hotels etc but a great decision imo.
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    Looking for a cheap and cheerful round on Saturday near Belfast

    Clandeboye has an open every Sunday on the Dufferin Championship course, might be worth calling as I can see a good few teetimes untaken yet. Greens were dryjected this week but usually great again inside a couple of days.
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    Mickelson on rolling back… the driver

    I'd have thought bringing the head CC's down a bit would have an equal effect. Would be interesting seeing everyone back with Biggest Big Bertha sized heads at 290cc..
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    I bought today.....

    I was the same, got to 42 or so having always carried, legs still tire but at least my shoulders do'nt suffer so much now and the wear on my tops has reduced completely, used to get a lot of wear/bobbling. The trolleys come with a decent warranty too which is pretty good.
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    PGA Euro Pro Tour

    Euro Pros coming to Clandeboye GC (,playing the Dufferin Championship course), my home club on 18th - 20th Aug), got tickets for the Friday final day, will be interesting seeing how they tackle my perceived hardest holes and might learn something. Jonny Caldwell hosting and playing, might be...
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    What's your longest iron?

    Callaway 1 iron, bought it around 4 years ago to play Royal County Down, it's stayed in the bag ever since. It goes about as far as my 5w but not as balloony when there is wind about. I use it off maybe 4-5 tees each week where driver is just too risky.
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    What's your most lofted wedge?

    56 for me, anything above that, for me, is not consistent and I don't think it would be needed often enough to push any other club out of the bag.
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Guys Ive edited a few posts to removing pointless needling and profanity, lets keep it mature please, no warnings or points this time.
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    Japan Holiday - anyone been?

    Well thats me sold! :D Ive heard the locals aren't overly welcoming in some areas but still wouldn't mind going at some point to check out their golf courses and cherry blossom season. China is the closest I've been so far and it was awesome but bonkers and slightly scary at the same time.
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    Introduction - Hello 👋

    Welcome aboard Tiger.