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    Stones in the Bunker

    It's like the f****** one buried in a bunker at The Addington that my SW hit! Queue 100 yard flyer and a gouged sole! 🤬
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    Sim 2 lots on sale!

    It does sound weird, but I'm hitting more fairways than ever with mine, so it's worth it for me. Callaway Rogue sounded lovely but was hideous at finding fairways for me. I'll take accuracy over acoustics all day!
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    Morecambe & Silverdale GCs

    Gotta love Casterton! Hope you're well, mate. I still have fond memories of the introduction to Morecambe... and the photo of the Queen in the clubhouse!
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    Morecambe & Silverdale GCs

    Silverdale is great and I love it, but they may be off mats now, so check. Morecambe still edges it for me out of the two. If you start feeling guilty about leaving him for too long, Casterton is a great little 9 hole course! 😉
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    Par 6's and 7's

    Maybe. But then back in the day, they'd still be a sand wedge from the green of the 17th at Hever.
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    Par 6's and 7's

    The 644 yard par 5 at Hever GC is more than long enough for me. Not downhill either. Average golfer (including me!) will struggle to reach that in 3, so it's a bit of a joke of a hole. Golf's hard enough!
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    Winter golf balls

    For those wanting to save some cash, TaylorMade V3s are available for £17.99 at Clubhouse Golf (white only). I find them comparable to Callaway Supersofts, but better. I got a pair of AVX at H4H Blackmoor, played with one yesterday and love it. Sadly, at £44.99 a dozen, I may not be buying any...
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    You would need to check the rules of the comp or your club. There will be a different approach across clubs, I'm sure. I'm not even aware of what happens at our place, cos I'm rarely in a final!
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    Help with WHS and a score not counting

    Sorry, yes. Those were slope ratings. Most recent round 70.2. Existing round 72. Thanks for the guidance.
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    Help with WHS and a score not counting

    Gotcha. Thanks. I just wanted my handicap to keep coming down!
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    Help with WHS and a score not counting

    Most recent round was 120, existing round 131.
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    Driver Fitting Recommendations - NW London, Herts area?

    My game was 13.4 when I went and it's now 10.4. Wedges and driver have made a lot of difference, certainly the latter. You don't need to be a single figure to get the benefit... I'd suggest it's the opposite.
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    Help with WHS and a score not counting

    Hi all, I'm sure its going to be obvious to someone, but why is an 88 not being replaced by a more recent 85? Last round: index 10.4, score diff 13.9, strokes 85, PCC0 (dunno what this is?). Existing round: index 11.1, score diff 12.9, strokes 88, PCC1 Any ideas?
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    What would you score around Valderrama?

    I think I shot 107 when I played it some 25 years ago! I've still got the scorecard somewhere!
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    Golf in Dubai

    I loved Dubai Creek when I played it a few years ago. For dinner, may I recommend Seafire Steak House at The Atlantis. It ain't cheap, but it's amazing! Head chef Raymond Wong is a master.