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    Steroid/Cortisone injections for back pain

    Acht ! never noticed the spam sorry. Anyhoo, my backs still sore.
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    Steroid/Cortisone injections for back pain

    I’ve suffered chronic back pain for decades but three weeks ago woke at 3am screaming at the top of my voice with actual spasms that were like being stabbed. Watching this thread with interest
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    Best Golf Shoes -discussion

    Feed back on the Footjoy pro sl. Actually one of the comfiest shoes I’ve worn. Very pleased so far. Also very light which should never be underestimated when your walking a fair bit in them. So far , very pleased
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    Poor customer service and Consumer rights

    Companies are allowed to admit they have issues and not repeat them by giving you another black shaft. Pretty decent of them to offer a replacement and I'm struggling to understand why a chrome shaft would make you unable to putt with it ? As for the 30 days, that's moot. The coating was not...
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    New Bargains Thread

    Yup, no trolleys or bundles in the offer though lol,, gotta try mind.
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    Katie Price

    So you’ve never sailed , or shot pheasants?
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    Water Resistant Trousers

    Bought Stromberg winter tech trousers this week. great fit but not been out in the rain with them yet. Having worn similar for shooting for decades , they feel like they will be a great all round trouser.
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    3 am call to the NHS as I was screaming the house down. Back spasms were coming in waves so I’m now bed ridden and on the diazepam. Doc back out today for stronger painkillers to prevent me having to shit in a bag 😂 Buggers That and golf clubs4cash won’t discount the putter I fancy !
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    lol My pink rangey is warming up as we speak. Yeh pretty pissed off. I've used ice packs before and it's kinda hit or miss what works best.
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    Well, had lessons and decided to book my first game at a course. As it's pissing down, I hit American Golf and picked up some wet weather gear then headed home and booked a tee time online. I thought I better try my gear on (pose) and was putting on my fancy new shoes but when I lifted my foot...
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    Katie Price

    Well locking her up for a few months certainly won't ensure it.
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    Katie Price

    I agree. She has no sense of consequence so should be punished properly, but if ever there was someone totally screwed up by fame and money it’s her. Some of the things done to her are appalling but it’s no excuse for drunk driving. I actually disagree with throwing her in jail etc. It creates...
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    Really GM? Blaming hoodies?!

    They didn’t blame the hoodies. They blamed the shit attitude of both some players and some fans. The hoodie was just a descriptive for yob
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    Panic buying fuel

    Yup , stupid people fed by idiot press.
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    Golf gloves

    Being new, my opinion might be baws, but I bought an Adidas sheep leather glove for £12 on the app and it feels great. I have a cheapo FJ but the Adidas feels way better.