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    A first on the golf course yesterday

    Found a Pro V1 golf ball! Usually always find top flites or slazengers! what is the best ball you have found?
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    How many hybrids do you have in the bag?

    Yes Bdill93 mine are also 3H and 4H, just thought if I am stood on a 200 yard par 3 tee box, I know I would not get there with my 4H, and my 3 wood would be too much, hence my thinking.
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    Shot Scope or other shot trackers

    I'll say what I say on most of these posts about this sort of tech. Unless you are a really good player and plays golf to the exact digit, they are a total waste of time. Too much faffing about on the golf course during the game, then messing around editing etc.. afterwards. As for analysing...
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    How many hybrids do you have in the bag?

    Had room for one more club in my bag so just punted for a 19 degree hybrid. My thinking being I have a distance gap between my lowest iron (5) to my 21 degree hybrid. My 5 iron probably goes 170, and my 21 degree hybrid about 185/190. I didn't really have a 200 yard club, as my next club up is...
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    Why do you never miss putts with a new putter

    The first time you use it, sinking them from everywhere, then after that First round you cannot putt for toffee with it?
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    Beware the injured golfer

    Pulled a muscle in my left side the other night swinging my driver too hard on the range, had to give up the remaining balls it was so bad, been deep heating and ibuprofening it ever since. Coupled with that my second covid jab in the same side yesterday, safe to say it will be 3/4 and 1/2...
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    Second hand club sites

    Is that still going? not been offered that for a while.
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    Second hand club sites

    ebay if you want to get the best money, buyers pay well over the odds on there, I have sold a lot. Also used golfbidder for a trade in on some wedges they gave me a fair price so would recommend any of those
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    Are my irons right for me?

    where are you losing your shots? My guess would be around the greens chipping and putting, work on the wedge play part of the game that will bring your score down, get a decent drive away, even thinning/fatting an iron will get it near/past the green
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    Playing partner falsifying scores

    What would you do if your playing partner put down the wrong score on his card after a hole in a friendly game, not once but on a number of occasions would you say anything?
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    3 rounds booked 2 rained off

    Incessant rain over last two days. Due to play today, tomorrow and Sunday 3 different courses. Today's course closed, tomorrows course closed today, so tomorrow must be in doubt, Sunday? It's May ffs, must be the worst country in the world to play golf. Effectively a 5 month season, and anyone...
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    Comp: Name your PGA winner?

    Keegan Bradley -11
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    Been experimenting with putters

    this aged well haha.....forgot I'd even posted it, anyway the scotty has gone and the seemore is in
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    Kaddey Switch trolley

    This looks interesting, always attached to your bag just add the wheels. Would have been interested had I not had an electric trolley
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    I bought today.....

    New stiff shafts for Driver and 3 wood, scorecard holder for my trolley.