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    I bought today.....

    Agree garyinderry, I dont know what it was but I think its the centre shaft in it. It also has the fatter super stroke grip and seemed very easy on the eye, like I say felt super confident with it the other day, its the FGP PTM 1 model, and like you say going from a scotty to SeeMore looks wise...
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    I bought today.....

    Impulse buy whilst in the pro shop before my round, a SeeMore putter. Liked the look of it, it was second hand hardly used so got it at a decent price. Never got to grips with my Scotty Newport, but putting them in from everywhere using this SeeMore the other day, beginners luck?
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    How to get a Handicap ?

    Hand your cards in, get a ridiculous -35 handicap, then clean up in the stableford comps, job done.
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    Most overlooked thing in the golf swing

    Keeping your head still, looking at the ball
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    Par 6

    Thats nothing, I've played a course that has TWO par 6's
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    Youtube Golf

    Tubes Golf Life particularly the Foooore! Hole Challenge
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    Whatever happened to?

    Whatever happened to? Leon Trotsky?
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    Which electric trolley?

    done to death this topic
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    Scottsdale golf Custom fitting

    Got fitted at the Manchester store for my Driver, 3 wood and hybrid, good customer service and I was very pleased with the clubs. I would probably go back to them for any fittings in the future.
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    Powakaddy damaged LCD glass warned!

    Ok, just to clear things up and put some balance on this in Powakaddys defence. They have emailed me back to inform me its not actually a piece of glass covering it is the actual screen, the rear of the screen is bonded to the handle. This would explain the cost to replace it. Can't really...
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    Powakaddy damaged LCD glass warned!

    Looks like a plan!
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    Powakaddy damaged LCD glass warned!

    Just seen this after my reply, apology accepted :)
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    Powakaddy damaged LCD glass warned!

    Went to play golf on Saturday, took my Powakaddy CT6 out of the car set it up then proceeded to the putting area. At some point between my trolley being taken out of the car and me putting my putter back into the bag after putting the LCD screen has been badly damaged with a big crack in the...
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    Question about Powakaddy noise

    How many people would that be mate, roughly? just out of interest
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    How to get a handicap without being a member of a golf club

    I am not a member of any club, but I use the golfshake app and upload my scores every round, it then produces a handicap, probably not 100% accurate but just used as a guide for me really.