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    121st US Open: Pick your winner and score

    Louis Oosthuizen, -2
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    Courses on common land

    Sunningdale GC is very accessible for walkers with several footpaths crossing the fairways. In addition to this lots of people are walking along the fairways during the lockdown.
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    Phone app for tracking scores for a group

    Another vote for Golf Gamebook. Free and super easy to use. Shows live leaderboard and you can set-up many different types of games if you like (stableford, 4BBB etc, Ryder Cup, longest drive, nearest pin etc). One person can enter scores for the complete ball, or people enter their own scores...
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    Old tech you still use

    Taylormade LCG iron set from 1997. Still with original grips. Mizuno T-zoid 3 wood and Orlimar Trimetal 5wood from same era.
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    Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid

    Thanks Jim. Yes the shaft may be a bit too soft. It is a Regular shaft like in my other clubs but I do understand that the shaft stiffness in regular varies between shaftmaker and model. And the shaft feels a bit whippy. Still want to start by trying out the fade weight though. It should...
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    Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid

    Hi. I just bought an 818 h1 hybrid off eBay. I am struggling with a hook with the club despite using the most fade biased hosel setting. Now I want to try changing the weight from the neutral one to a fade biased weight. Where do you suggest I could find one to buy online? I could not find one...